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The worlds creative and innovative Shakerbottle you have ever seen! Special functional design with endless storage possibilities & more!

Qty: 1BOX=20pcs

20pcs-1BOX, US-Shaker

  • On Top of the US-Shaker there are 3 small containers - Bullets - where 15 grams of powder, or some tablets or capsules can be stored. These are perfectly fitted for pre-workout booster, glutamine and creatine. In addition a hole was added to the bullets in order to attach it with a keyring to your gym bag or any kind of bag. 


    The US-Shaker has a multifunctional handle also called the „Pill Handle“ for additional capsules and pills. You can put some pills in the upper opening and if you want to take the pills out, open just the bottom part. Additional tablets or capsule can be stored here, like: Vitamins, Fatburner, Minerals, Amino Acid or just the simple Headache tablet!


    The cup as central container can hold up to 24oz/700ml and is a bit wider than the standard shaker in order to allow easier filling. The cup has also two see-through-widows with a scale of OZ (Ounces) and ML (Milliliter), to read the desired amount of milk or water. On the cup is a ring where the handle can be fixed – you can turn the handle along this ring to the left or right side, which makes the product equally for left- or right-handers.

    The cup holder is also called the “secret case” and is thought for storing of valuables.


    The US-Shaker has a funnel, which is stored in the funnel storage/ cupholder. The funnel helps to fill the shaker immediately with any powder or liquid from the storagebox or bullet, without unscrewing the lid open.


    Attached to the funnel storage are 2 storage boxes, each of them can hold up to 80 grams of powder like protein-powder or carbohydrates for the whole day. So anytime, anywhere you can mix your fresh shake!  Especially for an ambitious athlete the most important part is nutrition timing so carrying your powders all day long is no longer a problem with these storage boxes. 


    On the bottom of the storage box there is a possibility to store a membership card or just a credit/debit card. Every gym member can relate to this problem: “Where should I put my membership card?” In the pocket? No it could fall out during an exercise. Put it next to the machine? No I will forget it there. In order to not lose your card or forget it in the locker room it is only logical to solve this problem with the worlds best US-Shaker!


    The fluted surface allows the customer to open the lid of the US-Shaker with a little pressure even when you have wet or sweaty fingers during the training.


    The US-Shaker is variable in its size, that´s why you can use the small shaker which means only the cup and the lid of the shaker, or you use only the parts you need. - “USE THE SIZE YOU LIKE“.


    In order to mix water and powder properly there is a mesh attached inside, to avoid clumping and renders a totally creamy shake. 


    The US-Shaker has 3 silicon gaskets to guarantee tightness; the main gasket is so thick that it is also visible from outside and dripping while the shaker is filled is impossible.


    Lastly there is a user manual with pictures in order to portray the applications visually.

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